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Of this different post types available, which make you the most Affiliate marketing revenue?

The niche system 2.0

How to Maximuze Affiliate marketing revenue?

The posts that make the most affilate marketing revenue are:

  • Transactional product comparison posts
  • Product review posts'

Transactional product comparison posts

These will make the largest proportion of your affiliate revenue as anyone reading these posts usually have some buyer intent, else they would not be interested. 

These posts, of course, will also be linking off to the most products, so if you combine an increased buyer intent, with more opportunities to buy, then these articles will logically make the most money.

You cannot, however, fill a whole niche site with these types of articles anymore, as Google has started penalizing these types of sites since late 2020, through to mid 2021.

Instead these should be around 1 in every 10 posts, and they should be supported with helpful information articles that will feed them through to these transactional articles, proving to Google their worth. 

Examples are:

  • Best <product>
  • Top 10 <products> of 2022

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