OTS Ecommerce – Australia

Learn how to find a niche, create or find a product, build a store and market your products via free and paid advertising.

Take advantage of the knowledge, skills and expertise of industry leaders to bring your products and services to a global marketplace with Over The Shoulder Ecommerce for Australian sellers.

Here you will learn how you can leverage the advantage of a shrinking world to sell your products from anywhere in Australia with local or overseas suppliers.

Learn how to find a niche, create or find a product, build your store step-by-step optimized for conversions, and market your products with free, paid and gorilla marketing.

Focusing on Australian businesses owners, we solve the Australian specific problems with running a global eCommerce business including everything you need to set yourself up correctly for GST, tax and the correct business structure you need.

Course Content

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Module 1 - Introduction to Over The Shoulder Ecommerce - Australia
Module 2 - Setting Up Your Business
Module 3 - Choosing a Niche - Finding Your Market
Module 4 - Choosing Which Products To Sell
Module 5 - Creating Your Online Store
Module 6 - Marketing Your Business
Module 7 - Running Your Business (The Day-to-Day)
Module 8 - Selling Your Business
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Course Includes

  • 45 Lessons
  • 116 Topics
  • Course Certificate