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INCLUDED: The Project Power Pack - Everything you need to make more money from your projects (Value = $720)
INCLUDED: How to Hustle and Get The Life You Want -  Smart ways to take things to the next level and get the life you deserve (Value = $29.50)
INCLUDED: Getting Stuff Done - Proven productivity hacks that actually work in the real world (Value = $19.90)
INCLUDED: The Ultimate Business Admin Email Pack - A pack of professionally written admin emails. A huge time saver! (Value = $19)
INCLUDED: Super Charge Your List - The money is in the list, curate your followers and great raving fans through targeted email lists (Value = $9)

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Get These Amazing Benefits When You Join Lifers

Lifers Club is a private group of entrepreneurs and small business owners working together to grow their businesses in ways to help them and others.

100% Access to ALL Members Only Courses

Get full access to our complete library of courses PLUS the ability to request your own!

Exclusive Educational Videos for Lifers Only

Learn the latest techniques in marketing, business development, self improvement and more.

Private Members Podcasts

Adam & Raels will answer your questions in a private FAQs podcast episode.

Access to Lifers Private Support Group

Join a community of business owners and entrepreneurs who share all they have learnt.

Marketing Strategies for 2020 and Beyond

Digital marketing is our thing! We share all we know about moving your business online and getting sales.

Sales Techniques Taught By Masters

We paid over $100,000 in marketing sales advice & strategies so you didn't have to. Let us share that with you.

Surviving the Storm – 55 Practical Ways Business Can Weather A Crisis and Thrive Afterwards

Surviving The Storm

Practical ways business
can weather a crisis

Business can be tough at the best of times. But it’s when a crisis occurs (and let's face it, we are right in the midst of a massive one) that it can be truly frightening and overwhelming. Crises can make us either panic or just sit on our hands and do nothing at all. We’ve learnt that times of crisis show us what we’re capable of, and how we show up – for ourselves, our families, our friends and our clients – can make or break us and our businesses. 

We know it’s a scary time to be a leader, but this is the time to remain calm and focused. Anxiety makes us want to do something RIGHT NOW to avoid threat. But now is not the time to have a knee jerk reaction. It’s time to plan and act. Because what you do now can help you for months or years to come.

In our Latest Book we give you practical tips and tactics you can do right now in your business to survive the storm

"Of the 101 ways, I don't think I had even thought of over 80 of them. Love this book, and I'm already implementing tip 21 about Facebook Live today!"

cathy w.

California, USA

"Wow. The bonuses I got alone would have been worth triple the price! I can't wait to see what is next and I'm finally seeing a way forward with my business."


Sydney, Australia

What is Lifers Club All About?

Do you feel stuck and unrewarded? Here's how to flip that switch!

Finally a community of people just like you, battling to change their business, career and life to keep up to speed with an ever-changing world.

Do you maintain appearances but deep down you know you are not fulfilled? Maybe you think you have missed your chance and you are doomed to be stuck in a job or business you are ok at but don't love?

We get you – that was us, forgotten, unrewarded and with no life. Worse still we were watching other people get paid way more than us for a job with much less stress than ours. 

We got sick of paying $350/hr for business coaches, long seminars and trawling through free content that ... well ... let's just say you got what you paid for.

Become a Lifer

We created Lifers Club as a safe place to get real, actionable advice from others that have already travelled your path. It is a place to share, learn and be understood.

As a foundation Lifer you will get a rare opportunity to steer the future of our community, our courses, and get unlimited access to everything in Lifers Club for as long as you are part of the Lifers family.

Through exclusive Lifers-only podcasts, interactive FAQ live videos, extensive courses, e-books, guides and one-on-one advice you can finally find the light at the end of that tunnel.

PLUS! You can join us on our annual Lifers Live event, as well as local meetups organised by other Lifers around the world.

Lifers is about personal, actionable, real-life advice for any stage of your business journey. It is the community we wished we had over the past 20 years. We take the future of every Lifer personally – so come join us and become a Business Lifer.

Take Advantage of the Lifers Founders With 30+ Years of Experience

With a lifetime of experience in digital marketing, eCommerce and online, we are opening our entire businesses to Lifers members.

About Business Lifers Founder

Raels Robertson

Raels started her own digital agency Mettro at a time of great change in her life.  Having recently lost her dad, she was taking stock of where she was and what she wanted to achieve in her life. 

She knew she wanted to have control over her own career, and work with good people on good projects for good clients. 

Raels took a punt on herself, threw in her job as a managing director of a successful digital agency and ventured out on her own.

Like any new business Mettro celebrated good times, and toughed it out during some leaner times, but with Raels at the helm, it grew consistently by word of mouth with an ever-growing number of satisfied customers. 

Mettro has become known as the place to go for websites, creative online marketing campaigns and expert strategy and advice. 

It’s been 20 years and they’re still going strong.

About Business Lifers Founder

Adam Jowett

Adam had a simple core philosophy in business. Be honest. Be you.  

After being hit with the cancer stick at an early age of 30, that focus became lazer sharp. now 14 years later, Adam's sole mission is to enrich his family life freedom of choice and financial security.

Currently running a 7-figure eCommerce company after selling his first, and proudly breaking the "rules of business", Adam aims to grow his business small to live the largest life he can.

With a firm belief in income diversification, Adam teaches others the huge opportunity that a globalised economy brings to even the smallest local retailer.

Often found watching sport when he should be working, and working when he should be sleeping, Adam grows his business through automation and a strict work smart, not hard ethos with family and health his first priority.

If you want advice on selling worldwide, online marketing, productivity hacks and the optimal hugging technique, Adam is your man.

Lifers Club will be your greatest investment in your business life...


Ultimate Business Building Email Templates

Written and Ready to Send

This admin pack has a tonne  of emails you can use right now to run your business, talk to clients and win new business.

Pre-written and ready for you to use instantly in your business, these templates will save you hours!

101 Ways to Land Your Dream Client 

Proven Ways To Find Your Perfect Client

We all know that lead generation is crucial for our business success—all of us need more clients, right? 

This book is full with proven tips, tricks & tools to landing those special clients who make your dreams come true. 

Be Appreciated:  Work with clients that know your value
Be Proud: Do work you and your clients love to share
Get Paid: Get paid what you are worth

The Project Power Pack!

Essential Project Management Templates

Job Debriefs 
Job Authorisations
Client Surveys
Email Proforma Templates
Job Acceptance Templates
Job Bag Templates
Meeting Agendas
And more...

How to Hustle

& Create The Life YOU WANT

What do you dream of? What are your goals? How would you like your life to play out? The answers to these questions vary from person to person. 

In the end, the nature of the goal is irrelevant. What matters, the only thing that matters, is the sustained effort necessary to get where you want to be in life. 

You need to hustle. This eBook is all about real ways to hustle right now and get the life you want.

Super Charge Your List

100 Power Ideas To Build a Revenue Raising List

The majority of businesses don’t realise the enormous power of their subscriber list. 

If you are struggling to build a list or want to maximise your list but don’t know where to start, then this book is for you.

Getting Stuff Done

Productivity Hacks That Work

We all have days (or weeks and months for that matter) where we wish we had more than 24 hours in each day. 

While there is no way to gain extra hours in any given day, we can make sure we make the most of the time we have got. 

This eBook is built for the time-poor. 

15 actionable things you can do right now to make a difference to your life. Work hard, be productive, and then reap the rewards and relax in your well-earned time off.

What Exclusive Content Will I Get In Lifers Club?

Private Podcasts, Videos, Courses & Personal Advice

All Directed by You. All Produced By Us. Everything Included in Your Membership.


It's a global marketplace. Wherever you are, whatever you sell, you can bring them to anyone. Adam shares all of his experience from running 7-figure eCommerce companies to teach you how to get your business in front of fans you could never reach before.

Design & Branding

Raels brings 20+ years of design and branding experience from the largest corporation to the smallest of small businesses. Branding is not just pretty pictures, Raels will show how to bring your personality to your customers so they understand why your business means something to them.


Your website is your shop window in a digital world. Adam & Raels have been building websites for a combined 30+ years. Whether you are selling services, products or digital products, learn how to grow your business online.

A Happy Business Life

Whether changing your career or building a new business, it is a rare opportunity to choose your business purpose. Lifers Club helps to find ways to make those choices with open eyes and a true purpose that you will be proud of.

Business Development

So much goes into a business, some of it exciting, some of it no so much. Adam, Raels and fellow Lifers will help you skip the hard lessons when growing a business and creating the version of your business you always dreamed of.

Digital Marketing

Marketing is about connection, not fancy Ads, pretty pictures or the latest "hacks". With a diverse knowledge across marketing for clients, eCommerce companies, email and Facebook campaigns, Adam & Raels will help you find those passionate fans that will promote and grow your business for you.

What Lifers Are Saying

A worldwide community growing together!

Lifers finally gave me somewhere to ask the awkward questions without judgement. In fact! Most had the same questions as I did.


Online Cycling Gear

It's hard finding business advice and courses that work for my industry. What a surprise Lifers was! I have made my membership back in one week!


Infinite Wellness Kiniesology

We run our own community, so we get what makes great people! Lifers has been so helpful to learn the "other side" of our business.


Champaign Cartel

Access to the level of experience Business Lifers has is gold. I ask questions and I get answers that are meaningful and actionable. So many great ideas to help me grow.

Bevin Neil

BJN Graphic Design

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