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Raels Robertson & Adam Jowett have over 30 years experience in business & digital and are passionate about helping other businesses to succeed in this challenging online world. Not only that they are successfully running businesses right now so they understand your business life.


Be supported by a community of business people who share your day-to-day worries and concerns. You'll never feel lonely in your business again. Get real actionable advice, strategies and proven tactics to solve business problems, accelerate growth and build a rewarding life.


EXCLUSIVE access to member only podcasts, interviews, webinars, training sessions, reports & eBooks. Navigate & understand the digital opportunities so you can build confidence, fast. Access to 30 years digital marketing experience & a powerhouse of problem solvers at your fingertips.


Access to tailor-made courses created by a team using the tactics in their business everyday. Regular release with better still the ability for you to direct the course content. Covering topics such as: Business Development, Design & Branding, Digital Marketing, Self Improvement and eCommerce.

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You'd pay thousands of dollars in business and digital coaching fees alone, without the community and resources you get when you join Business Lifers. 

Do you want the secrets to launching a 7-figure+ online business?

Watch every step, in real-time, as we research, build and launch a real-life product

Niche, Platform  & Product Selection

Branding, Product
& Site Design

Traffic, Social Media 
& SEO Tactics

Google, Facebook & Content Marketing

Increasing Order Value
+ Conversion Boosts

Cashflow, Revenue
& Exit Strategies

This is your chance to peak behind the curtain of what it takes to bring your products online and profit from the global eCommerce marketplace that is exploding right now!

For Lifers members only, get all of our secrets to how we launch products that do 7-figures a year and are run, hands-off, entirely by our team.

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Self Confidence

Actions you can take right now to feel in charge of your business.


Business Development

A community you will connect with and learn from. Networking without leaving home!

Strengthen Your Brand Voice

Get crystal clear on your business identity, communicate with authority and build loyal  raving fans.

Demystify Digital Marketing

Understand the basics and learn how to find and connect with potential customers wherever they are.

eCommerce Expertise

Discover the best tried and tested methods to sell products and services online.


Be Your Own Online Expert

Learn everything you need to generate leads and smash your website goals.

It's about time your business started paying you back!

Every person is as different, as every business. That is why we offer two ways to join us at Lifers. Choose your weapon. There is no wrong answer.

What Lifers Are Saying

A worldwide community growing together!

Lifers finally gave me somewhere to ask the awkward questions without judgement. In fact! Most had the same questions as I did.


Online Cycling Gear

It's hard finding business advice and courses that work for my industry. What a surprise Lifers was! I have made my membership back in one week!


Infinite Wellness Kiniesology

We run our own community, so we get what makes great people! Lifers has been so helpful to learn the "other side" of our business.


Champaign Cartel

Access to the level of experience Business Lifers has is gold. I ask questions and I get answers that are meaningful and actionable. So many great ideas to help me grow.

Bevin Neil

BJN Graphic Design

About Business Lifers Founder

Raels Robertson

Raels started her own digital agency Mettro at a time of great change in her life.  Having recently lost her dad, she was taking stock of where she was and what she wanted to achieve in her life. 

She knew she wanted to have control over her own career, and work with good people on good projects for good clients. 

Raels took a punt on herself, threw in her job as a managing director of a successful digital agency and ventured out on her own.

Like any new business Mettro celebrated good times, and toughed it out during some leaner times, but with Raels at the helm, it grew consistently by word of mouth with an ever-growing number of satisfied customers. 

Mettro has become known as the place to go for websites, creative online marketing campaigns and expert strategy and advice. 

It’s been 20 years and they’re still going strong.

About Business Lifers Founder

Adam Jowett

Adam had a simple core philosophy in business. Be honest. Be you.  

After being hit with the cancer stick at an early age of 30, that focus became lazer sharp. now 14 years later, Adam's sole mission is to enrich his family life freedom of choice and financial security.

Currently running a 7-figure eCommerce company after selling his first, and proudly breaking the "rules of business", Adam aims to grow his business small to live the largest life he can.

With a firm belief in income diversification, Adam teaches others the huge opportunity that a globalised economy brings to even the smallest local retailer.

Often found watching sport when he should be working, and working when he should be sleeping, Adam grows his business through automation and a strict work smart, not hard ethos with family and health his first priority.

If you want advice on selling worldwide, online marketing, productivity hacks and the optimal hugging technique, Adam is your man.

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Marketing Strategies for 2020 and Beyond

Digital marketing is our thing! We share all we know about moving your business online and getting sales.

Sales Techniques Taught By Masters

We paid over $100,000 in marketing sales advice & strategies so you didn't have to. Let us share that with you.

Build a Meaningful Business

Give your business some love so it will love you back!

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With a lifetime of experience in digital marketing, eCommerce and online, we are opening our entire businesses to Lifers members.

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Everything you need to take charge of your cashflow, marketing and business confidence. Learn about making it in the online world with Business Lifers.


Surviving the Storm – 55 Practical Ways Business Can Weather A Crisis and Thrive Afterwards
101 Ways to Land Your Dream Clients
Customer Experience (CX) for Conversion & Profit


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FAQs, courses and training videos with content that is real and actionable.


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Expert coaches & an incredible business community.

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