Before you start hustling, it’s important to ask yourself what you really want to achieve.

Many people hustle and keep failing because the goals they set in the first place weren’t specific, or achievable or perhaps because they weren’t even the right goals for them all along. Everyone dreams but in order to succeed you must know the dreams you want to chase and be sure that they are not someone else's.

Here are just a few reasons why setting goals and prioritising them before you get started can make all the difference when it comes to your chances of success.

It May be Urgent But is it Really Important?

Being a hustler means being on the go. Because there’s always so much to do and very limited time, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by your to-do list. Prioritising helps you to differentiate what is truly important from what is merely urgent. For instance, you may waste a lot of time responding to ‘urgent’ emails that keep you from the important activities that will help you get another crucial step closer to achieving your goals and dreams.

Staying Motivated

If you set specific goals, every small success will fuel you to continue with the hustle towards the end game. You must have smaller, short-term goals apart from the bigger long-term goals to keep you motivated and on track for success.  Short term goals and plans are the action items that you need to accomplish weekly or monthly that will help shape your longer-term goals.

If You Don’t Set and Prioritise Your Goals, You Won’t Grow

Setting goals up front will help keep you focused and more organised in your hustle. If you don’t prioritise your goals and the stepping stones towards them, you won’t have a clear direction or blueprint for growth, making it much easier to lose focus and motivation along the way. In order to grow and succeed in your hustle or business, you must know when you are succeeding and be able to easily.

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Raels Robertson
Raels Robertson

Raels is managing director of Mettro. She is a highly experienced business strategist and design visionary.