Content Marketing Template Kit


Are you making the most of your website content? Are you telling your brand story in a way that will bring in leads and customers?

This kit of 7 templates has everything you need to plan, write, schedule, repurpose and market your content. Produce dynamic, relevant and up-to-date words and imagery that will reinforce your brand's key messages across all channels, and bring you new customers! Get started today, it's not as hard as you think, once you have everything you need.

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Feature note

Responsive design is a default approach these days, but we all still try to figure out just the right process and just the right techniques to design and build responsive websites better, smarter, faster. That’s why we created a new book.

Templates in this pack

Contains 7 templates:

 Design brief
 Editorial schedule
 Media brief
 User personas
 Website brief
 Website content strategy