The Complete Guide to Website Security in 2022


Why your business website is vulnerable to cyber attacks and what to do about it.

More than 30,ooo websites are hacked every day! Website owners MUST be more proactive when it comes to website security. Their reputation and revenue are at stake and even more frightening is that sensitive data may be compromised, leaving business owners vulnerable to huge risk. In this concise and easy to read ebook, the authors (seasoned web experts) take you through the steps you should take to secure one of your businesses biggest assets.

Chapters in this eBook

Start at the start: The importance of protecting your domain and your brand.
The weakest link: Password tightening: what you & your staff must do.
Enterprise-level thinking: The risks are huge for small business so you need to think big.
Host like you mean business: The importance of a host that will protect your business.
If you're using WordPress: Specific WordPress infor and technical details.
The security checklist: The must-do security items to protect your website.


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