Thinking Big for Small Business


What would your business look like if you achieved success? The answers to these questions are important because how you think about – and define – success directly affects whether or not you achieve it. It’s simple, really. When you think small, you tend to achieve small results. But when you think big, you can achieve big things. It all comes down to your state of mind and how much you want to get where you’re going.



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Feature note

Responsive design is a default approach these days, but we all still try to figure out just the right process and just the right techniques to design and build responsive websites better, smarter, faster. That’s why we created a new book.

Chapters in this eBook


 Chapter 1:  What does success mean to you?
Chapter 2:  Why many people fail to reach their goals
Chapter 3:  Getting what you really want
Chapter 4:  The road to thinking big
Chapter 5:  What thinking big means, and why it matters
Chapter 6:  The think big process
Chapter 7:  Get comfortable with discomfort
Chapter 8:  Set realistic goals
Chapter 9:  Find a support network
Chapter 10:  Accept help
Chapter 11:  Eliminate negative behaviours

  • Procrastination
  • Short-term thinking
  • Negativity
  • Excuses
  • Over analysis
  • Perfectionism
  • Ignore negative reactions
Chapter 12:  Use empowering language