Refund Policy

When you enroll in Lifers Club, you gain access to a wide range of valuable, exclusive resources available only to Lifers members. Additionally, you enjoy access to podcasts, downloads, worksheets, and calculators. 

Because of this, refunds for Lifers Club are not available after the first 30 days.

No refunds are given if you cancel your subscription before your renewal date; however, you will maintain subscription access to Lifetimers Club until the end of your payment term.

Protecting the exclusivity of what you paid for

Unfortunately, there are many who purchase lifetime licenses to Lifers Club, download the tools, content, and courses, then request a refund before rebrand that content as their own. 

Because of that behavior, our policy protects Lifers Club members by preventing the people who are seeking to swindle others.

What to do if you are not happy with Lifers Club

If you can't find what you hoped in Lifers Club, the first thing to do is just ask us! We might already be building it, and if not, we will see if we can build it for you.

We haven't found a problem in which we could not solve with some communication. Here are a few guidelines to follow if you require assistance with anything from Lifers Club.

If you are struggling to implement something taught for Lifers Club, think about the possibility that something is missing, or that something is not working. 

Submit your "Ask a Lifer" question to Lifers Club so we can assist you in determining how best to move forward.

For any other inquiry, such as billing, downloading files, or subscribing to the private podcasts, write to

Exception to this policy

Members who forget/neglect to cancel their subscription prior to renewal are eligible to cancel their subscription and receive a money back if they've requested it within 30 days of their most recent renewal.

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